Irresponsibility at workplace results in citywide blackout


2018-09-19 10:00 GMT+8

The entire city of Ulaanbaatar experienced a major blackout last Saturday morning. Some areas were affected by power outage for over 13 hours followed by a significant aftermath, including a malfunction in the wastewater plant pump, resulting in wastewater overflowing onto electrical system.

Minister of Energy Davaasuren Tserenpil explained, “Thermal Power Plant (TPP) IV went into a full shutdown at 9:54 AM, causing malfunctions at other plants. There were no accidents or damage. The investigating is currently being conducted to locate the source of the outage. I was informed in advance that it was due to negligence in the work and irresponsibility of technical administrators.”

Some areas were affected by power outage for over 13 hours

The accident report is expected to be released on Wednesday. Mr.Davaasuren highlighted that the ministry only provides expertise and methodology to power stations; hence, incapable of demanding liability.

The Government Agency for Policy Coordination on State Property is responsible for the appointment of TPP IV. Sources claim that repeated violations have been reported due to the dual control at the plant. Even though power has been restored to all of the areas, the Minister forewarned, “The same situation will arise in times of serious disaster.

Therefore, we have to keep in mind that our energy system is not independent.” The frailty of the electrical infrastructure system unveiled the vulnerability of the wastewater plant. Due to the blackout, all the pumps shut down, flooding the plant with wastewater. A spokesperson of the Ministry of Energy informed that the power shortage also interrupts the manufacturing of consumer food, as well as deep wells, causing a risk of clean water supply disruption. The damage report of the blackout is expected soon. 



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