PM remains: Parliament prioritizes political stability


2018-12-03 08:30 GMT+8


At its plenary session last Friday, the Parliament discussed the bill on ousting the Prime Minister Khurelsukh Ukhnaa and rejected the bill with 40 votes (54.8 percent) from Parliament members (MPs). This could potentially lead to discussion on dismissal of Parliament Speaker Enkhbold Miyegombo as the PM announced to oust Mr. Enkhbold from the party and turned to Constitutional Court over his involvement in alleged MNT 60 billion sell-off case. 

The MPP board convened last month and decided to oust Mayor Batbold Sundui and Speaker Enkhbold Miyegombo. The board went into a heated discussion over Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development (SME) Fund sandal, which later ended in the dismissal of MPP caucus Chairman Khayankhyarvaa Damdin. Later on, 27 MPs, including Mr. Khayankhyarvaa, submitted a petition to dissolve the Cabinet over SME Development Fund scandal and the inability of PM to deal with Cabinet members involved in the case. 

At the Parliament session, PM Khurelsukh addressed, “I am focusing on two focal areas, first to establish justice in the society and improve accountability. We have successfully tackled a downturn and will focus on restoring the economy now. Secondly, I will do anything to break down the pyramid of injustice. As the Chairman of MPP, I ask Enkhbold Miyegombo to submit his resignation letter. You are unqualified to serve as the Parliament Speaker. It seems that law enforcers need to focus on being independent as they face lots of demand and pressure from politicians, becoming a political instrument. Law enforcers need to serve the public and I will look into it.” 

After hours of heated dispute, the poll was ended in favor of PM Khurelsukh. Among the 40 MPs who rejected the bill, DP members Bold Luvsanvandan, Batzandan Jalbasuren, Murat Dakei and independent member Javkhlan Samand were included and only four votes could have swayed the fate of Khurelsukh and his Cabinet. As for the dispute between Speaker and Premier, it is up to the Constitutional Court to make the final decision because the Prime Minister has submitted a request to the court over MNT 60 billion sell-off of public sector positions, which will be reviewed within 14 days.

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