Total cost of vaccinating half of population to be MNT 10 billion


2019-01-24 11:30 GMT+8

According to the Minister of Health Sarangerel Davaajantsan, the total cost of vaccinating 45 percent of the population or 1.4 million people is estimated to be MNT 10 billion. She also noted that the financing can be settled from the Cabinet’s reserve fund without amending the 2019 budget. Although there were no fatal incidents of children from influenza or the H1N1 virus, four people have already become victims of influenza or pneumonia.

In specific, the deceased were in Ulaanbaatar city, Dundgobi, Gobi-Altai and Umnugobi prov­inces respectively. Addressing the dire issue at hand, the Mongolian People’s Party caucus held a meeting and decided to include the necessary financing on the 2019-2020 budgets to increase the accessibility of influenza vaccines.



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