Municipality temporarily bans entities from serving children aged 0-10


2019-02-13 14:35 GMT+8

In connection with the beginning of the third academic quarter, the acting Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City Batbayasgalan Jantsan issued an order to temporarily suspend public services for children, with the exemption of kindergartens. Although the pressure has eased and hospitals are no longer overcrowded with children suffering from influenza and the common cold, the Municipality is taking preventive measure against the cold weather and the lingering outbreak of swine flu that is posing an increased risk for children with the start of the academic quarter.

For instance, playgrounds, internet cafes, movie theatres, entertainment, restaurant, and public dinners are ordered not to serve children aged between 0 and 10. Entities that neglected the order will be charged MNT 1 million and the parents will be charged MNT 100,000.

Additionally, over 200 accidents were reported during the lunar new year as of February 7. Due to the cold weather and snow storm, several people were reported with frostbites according to the Ulaanbaatar City Health Department. Officials warned to avoid traveling long distance on vehicles in the upcoming days.


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