Apartment residents grow 5.4 percent in UB


2019-02-16 11:00 GMT+8

According to statistics, the number of households dwelling in apartments rose 5.4 percent in January compared to the same period of 2018. Families living in accommodations with low­pressure stoves rose 4.6 percent and electric heaters-10.8 percent year over year.

About 200,000 households live in ger districts in Ulaanbaatar city, which is the key source of air pollution in the capital. Statistics show that the population in the capital annually increased by 35,000 in 2014-2017. In the nationwide scale, 69.9 percent of households are currently living in ger districts and only 27.5 percent are residing apartments connected to the central network.

418 accommodation projects are being implemented at present in Ulaanbaatar city that is home to 43.6 percent of the total population. These projects are expected to create 60,000 household housing in the capital. Public housings account for 94 percent of these projects and the rest are private houses according to Tenkhleg zuuch LLC.

While housing demand stands high in Bayanzurkh and Khan-Uul districts, it is at the lowest in Nalaikh and Chingeltei districts. Categorizing the new housing projects, standard-class accommodations account for 36 percent, regular-class-42 percent, and luxury-2.5 percent.


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