L.Oyun-Erdene: Document from Development bank to the Government was false

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene GoGo.mn

2019-02-22 15:03 GMT+8

Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government L.Oyun-Erdene informed on February 20 that working group was approved to make regular check on Development Bank according to the Government resolution.

Meeting with the bank representatives and working group was held in the Government palace and Development bank on February 21. All required documents shall be checked and result shall be reported within 30 days as reflected in the directive.

L.Oyun-Erdene also stated that Development bank obscured on getting some information from Bank of Mongolia previously and explained some information to the Government incorrectly. And he warns to cooperate with legal agencies if Development bank hides any documents and refuses to show.

On the other side, Development bank informed that it showed all required documents during 2018 checkup, and it will show all required documents this time too. 2-3 annual arbitral checkups are made to Development bank every year and the bank stated it won’t obscure.

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