O.Magnai: L.Oyun-Erdene is doing work of the police and court

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2019-03-06 17:49 GMT+8

Mongolian Democratic Party made press statement that MNT 60 billion case, SME loan and Erdenet mining corporation’s 49% privatization should be resolved by the court.

11:22 Mongolian Democratic Party is making press statement about recent cases, and stated that former Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and Parliament member J.Batzandan spread false statements.

11:35 Mongolian Democratic Party can’t defend illegal case and Democratic party members are not the target of any false statements. Our party’s position is to make the cases resolved by the court. 

11:37 Secretary of Democratic Party O.Magnai said “Mongolian People’s Party have 64 official seats in the parliament, 66 unofficial. (Because L.Bold and J.Batzandar are not DP members any more). But they said DM is interrupting their work which makes nonsense. They should make the justice as they make statement on media, and should stop lying to people by making the case bigger. There was information about D.Erdenebat, currently working as leader of DP, and no information about S.Erdene, Chairman of DP. If someone is related to crime that time, whoever that person should be sentenced. We are on side of fairness. DP won’t defend any illegal actions.”

He also stated “Recently, Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government L.Oyun-Erdene is doing works of the police and courts. If he wants to work on crimes, he should work as Head of Mongolian Police Department or State General Prosecutor. He can’t make people arrested when the court didn’t make any decision. Today, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh has the most power”.

11.57 About the statement of former PM N.Altankhuyag, O.Magnai said “There is no misunderstanding with N.Altankhuyag, maybe he has misunderstanding. Members of DP expressed their regret that N.Altankhuyag is bearing a grudge about not being elected as Chairman of the party. We hope that he will apologize about his statement soon”.

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