Mongolia introduces potential IPO at PDAC


2019-03-07 11:42 GMT+8


Mongolia is participating in PDAC 2019, the World’s premiere mineral exploration & mining convention, led by Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry Sumiyabazar Dolgorsuren. PDAC 2019 is facilitating 3500 investors from more than 135 nations, over a thousand products introducing companies and 25 thousand guests.

Environment, health & safety related conferences are the priority. PDAC’s efforts to improve industry performance are aimed at catalyzing change by supporting industry leadership, improving governance and activating markets.

However, the fact that exploration expenditure has increased 20 percent year on year while new venture has halved is the industry’s main concern. Also the President of PDAC, Glenn Mullan is warning the decline in investment will slow down development as well as growing deficiency in recently known mines when assets of present exploited mines exhaust.

Gold and copper are the main focus, with vulnerability of worldwide exchange and monetary condition enlarging gold is returning to cost. Bank of Mongolia was listed 6th in gold trading. In 2018 an ounce of gold costed USD 1100 to 1200, compared to expenses USD 1312 today. Therefore, investors are more interested in gold trading policy of Mongolia. However, subsidy which has been a major contributor to the Mongolian economy and mining sector ended in January 2019. Bank of Mongolia, relevant ministries and gold trading industry favors to sanction the law furthermore.

At the Convention “ERDENESTT” presented IPO on March 3, thus it is vital to pull in investors as they plan. Participation of foreign investors is another measure of the competitiveness of the Mongolian mining sector. Consultant of Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry reports we’re planning to negotiate on gold, copper, metallurgical coal and rare earth elements this year. Introduction of interests and policy of Mongolians on raw battery materials will be suggested to the international investors in addition.

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