Revision to Law on Labor submitted to Parliament to approval


2019-03-16 11:00 GMT+8

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Labor, Mongolian Employment Promotion Union (MEPU) and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) jointly organized a Draft Discussion on Revision to the Law on Labor.

The Government has submitted a draft Law on Labor to the Parliament on March 26, 2018. It is imperative to maintain a balance of rights and obligations between the employees and employers as well as improving labor resolution systems and integrate employee salaries based on skills and qualifications. Therefore, the Cabinet has revised the Labor Law which was first ratified in 1999 and detailed the regulations, said the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Chinzorig Sodnom.


Head of the Working Group on Preparation of the Law on Labor Mr. Munkh­Orgil said, “The Mongolian Government, MEPU and CMTU have agreed on the newly revised. However, only two provisions are controversial at the moment. The MEPU has proposed to include an exclusive right to declare a strike. It is difficult for the Government, Parliament and the Trade Union to accept it. The salary deduction in disciplinary penalties provided in the Labor Law has been excluded. In other words, people should get paid if they worked.”

Participants suggested elaborating the salary and incentives for overtime work in the draft law. Mr. Munkh­Orgil pledged to include participants’ suggestion to the draft law and work to keep the balance between employers and employees.


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