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2019-03-18 16:55 GMT+8


The only remainder of the long-persisting conflict after the Cold War is the North Korean peninsula. The war ended in 1953, but no peace agreement was concluded in this particular region for 66 years. This pitiful scene makes me wonder why they collected so many soldiers and weapons in such a small area.

Kim Jong-un’s achievement

The second summit of the North Korea-U.S leaders did not bring expected results, leaving the world in mistrust. Trump's plan to have faith in Kim and perform a political show has failed this time. North Korea shut its door on the U.S because Trump had promised to flourish capitalism in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, which means their social institution (70 years of uncompromising labor), communist ideology, and the great power of Kim would be denied. It may just be because the "communist capitalist" Vietnam, which had been under war for a long time, was chosen for the venom to be seen as a living example to demotivate North Koreans. The world was left with a question if Vietnam induced North Korea that it is possible to develop a market economy and liberate a market under the strict control of a communist party.

It is unfortunate that Ulaanbaatar was not selected as the venue for the North Korea - U.S summit. Initially, when the officials of the two sides were holding a secret meeting, North Korea proposed to host the summit in Pyongyang, but the U.S did not accept it. It was reported that Mongolia and its capital Ulaanbaatar was selected as the best possible option for the meeting.
It is easy to explain why Ulaanbaatar was not selected as the venue. The current air and environmental pollutions, political instability, corruption of its authorities, weak financial discipline, poverty, and frustration of Ulaanbaatar are the key downside factors. We can invite anyone, but we need to be diligent and patient. I hope it would be a reminder to us.

I want to praise Kim Jong-un. His autobiography is not uncommon, but also very ordinary. If you try to write a CV, it will not even fill a page. He is not well known in the world except his two meeting with  Trump and a few visits to China.

And the main thing to praise is that this young leader is the one who wrote his name on Korean history by fulfilling his father and grandfather's dream to make a straightforward deal with the United States.

The scandal around the first summit

The whole world paid attention to the day that Trump and Kim's meeting took place on June 12, 2018. During this meeting, many countries including Russia, Japan, South Korea were disappointed for being left out. It is because the nuclear bomb issue of North Korea has to involve more than 6 countries.

The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump was unbelievable for Russia. It was not because Russia was outside from the geopolitical games, the reason was that they do not know well  about North Korea’s history, the leader's viewpoint, and managing technique. Russian publishers were still writing the dark side of North Korea only. The research of North Korea is very developed in Russia and I was part of this in 1992-1993, so believe me, my perspectives have accuracy.

The entire world except Russia was joyful, assuming Kim Jong-un actually banned the nuclear weapon program. Russian websites were warning Kim not to repeat Muammar Al Gaddafi’s pitiful destiny in 2018. Also, there was a question of “What is the cost of this surrender?”. Russia wondered why North Korea compromised even though it cost a lot of power, money, and capital in order to make rocket-fired nuclear weapons.

In general, Russians are making logical conclusions that being helped by the western countries will completely destroy a country's social regime.

North’s further actions

Two Koreas have worked together with the United States and China in hopes to end the Korean War of the 1950s and establish constant peace and stability. Steady and persistent peace cannot be established, but the first steps were already made. Stages of the weaponry and warfare have discontinued, the two countries stopped their hostile activities, renewed their borders, established border crossings, and sought to seek multilateral negotiations. The world is waiting for the opening of the railroad and the road connecting the two Koreas.

• We can invite anyone, but we need to be diligent and patient. 

• The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump was unbelievable for Russia. 

• Russian authorities and researchers predicted that China will not be happy with the integration.

The South Korean President Moon Jae-in was in the right direction. According to the Russian press, “The participants had a very good performance on the crowd, and the main form of advertisement was shown”. Some Russian publications were writing that the Russian-Chinese issue was likely to arise as a result of the Korean peninsula dispute.

According to the Russians, the Chinese leader Xi Jinping is preventing the two countries from merging into one. If Kim and Trump become comrades, they will create a new“communist capitalist Korea” in the north and confiscate their weapons, but that weapon is an instrument necessary for holding the United States. Although Pyongyang's leader is difficult to read, he listens to what Beijing says. Once in the past, China has fought for North Korea's independence and has suffered a great deal. Therefore, the Russian authorities and researchers predicted that China will not be happy with the integration.

If Westerners use their money to stop nuclear weapon proliferation, China will pay more money than they could. It will be enough for China to abolish the sanctions against Pyongyang.

Moreover, Russians are worried about what will happen next. It is good for two Koreas to have a network as much as possible. It is a waiver for war. If it is overtaken by the West and rescind China’s political support, the process will turn very easily. North and South Koreas’ overwhelming relation will  doubt the U.S, and its faith will decline.

Consider the statement of Russian press about Trump changing his position and views three times a day, which will directly affect the Korean issue. When the reservoir is canceled, the South's investment will start to crush and start integration. It means North Korea's USD 3 trillion mineral wealth, mine, and a huge workforce that is efficient to the South will be in circulation. However, in the Chinese experience, perestroika must be done so as to not imitate the Soviet Union

If China's reforms are made in the DPRK, Russia will have a lot of opportunities. No Korean railway project can be implemented without Russia. If Russia and China take part in North Korea's "perestroika", the West will not take the lead.

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