“Chinese laborers in Mongolian People’s Republic” /1945-1964/


2019-03-19 16:32 GMT+8

A book named after “Chinese laborers in Mongolian People’s Republic” /1945-1964/ has been launched on March 15, 2019. D.Naranjargal, PhD in history, written the book dedicating for 70 years’ anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Republic of China.

The book is based on facts about ROC sent thousands of laborers to MPR, and they built thousands of buildings with purposes of agriculture, industries and apartments.

Scientists and researchers of history, foreign relations and foreign policy stated “D.Naranjargal made detailed research on initial 15 years of total 70 years of Mongolian-Chinese bilateral relationship since 1949, and reflected in the book”.

According to several requests from heads of MPR, Chinese Communist Party expressed its willingness to send Chinese laborers to Mongolia. Central committee of Mongolian Revolutionary Party sent letter on January 14, 1955 reflecting occupations to receive 12250 laborers. Labor agreement of receiving Chinese laborers for Mongolian construction development was concluded on April 7, 1955 in Beijing, China, and 8000 laborers first arrived in Mongolia in May.

Readers can see detailed numbers of the labor agreement, their conditions, occupations and which buildings they have built. As seen from the book, laborers arrived in Mongolia between 1945-1964 were diversified to over 50 occupations. 

Their biggest construction works include apartments in 40 myangat, 50 myangat and 120 myangat, 5th, 6th and 14th secondary schools, university buildings, technical school, student dormitories, museum of Natural History, State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar hotel, Peace bridge, Sport Palace and Central Stadium.

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