Net profits of joint stock companies fall 20 percent in 2018


2019-03-20 15:30 GMT+8

Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE)-listed companies are disclosing their 2018 financial statements. According to the research conducted among 140 companies, net profit of joint stock companies fell on average in 2018. Particularly, the net profit of MSE-listed firms decreased by 20 percent from the previous year. MNT 88.2 billion profit reduction of Tavan Tolgoi JSC had the biggest impact in the average.

Last year, 68 companies earned a net profit of MNT 218.8 billion and 53 companies resulted in MNT 16.1 billion in losses. APU JSC led by its net profit growth, and the company's revenue hiked by MNT 32.9 billion compared to the previous year.

As for earnings per share (EPS), the companies in surplus averaged at MNT 57.2 per share, while companies in deficit had an EPS of MNT 39.9. Despite the decline in profitability, sales revenues of MSE-listed firms increased by MNT 278 billion, reaching MNT 1.9 trillion.


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