D.Erdenebat: Law on taxation makes state organizations’ authority higher than the court

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene GoGo.mn

2019-03-25 08:29 GMT+8

Democratic Party group took a break during the session discussing package law on taxation last week. However 3 days of break was requested, the Speaker G.Zandanshatar gave only 3 hours.
Caucus Leader of Democratic Party group D.Erdenebat made a break request due to the Article 70.1 “Collect property under the name of debt repayment, to auction, to pay taxation debt by tax payer’s collateral, and make the debt paid by guarantor” might conflict the constitutional law.

It conflicts 16.6.3 of Constitutional law of Mongolia. Also, Article 15 of the law regulates several clauses on having mandatory rights of taxation monitoring, and it made state organizations having higher rights than the court.

In Article 70.3 of the draft “Original price of the property shall be set when Tax authority sells the sealed property”. Tax authority may not set the price.

Spending collected properties without court decision and making debt repaying are considered as incorrect. Working group should review this.

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