Ts.Nyamdorj apologizes to defendants of S.Zorig murder case and their family

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2019-03-25 16:18 GMT+8

Minister of Justice Ts.Nyamdorj expressed his apology to family of B.Sodnomdarjaa and T.Chimgee who were accused of S.Zorig murder case.

Ts.Nyamdorj said “Defendants were tortured during statements. Two officers of General Intelligence Office of Mongolia have been detained, and one person who involved have been detained too. I fired one person when I get back to position of the Minister of Justice, asking why officer of CIA works for General Executive Agency of Court Decision. That person is under investigation and it will go on. We must take an action against torturing people like it is 1937.

I met B.Sodnomdarjaa and T.Chimgee who were accused of false charge, and made them to be treated in the hospital. This is all I could do, and I am considering to resolve the case until the court make decision of release.

I, the Minister of Justice, am apologizing to family of B.Sodnomdarjaa and T.Chimgee. I have never made any apology in my entire life. They were tortured in a terrible way, and I will work on this case until the end.

I know about big cases in Mongolia happened since 1970. But I haven’t seen and heard case like this torturing. I protested against this as I could, but couldn’t find the client. People who are related to the case will be investigated in further”.

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