Raw coal chimneys will reduce

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2019-04-01 08:05 GMT+8

Implementation of the Government resolution 62 has been discussed during 23th session of Citizen’s representative meeting held yesterday. Eliminating chimneys of toxic gas and strengthening law of environment were introduced during the meeting in framework of implementing the Government resolution of prohibiting consumption of raw coal in the capital, regulated in May 1.

There are 196 thousand stoves and 260 thousand steam boilers in Ulaanbaatar. Thus, 32 kinds of actions are under progress to reduce air pollution, and 6000 ton refined coal has been manufactured and reserved. Construction work of 5 warehouses with capacity of more than 1 ton has been planned.

Ulaanbaatar city Mayor S.Amarsaikhan said “Further, chimney of raw coal will be reduced. Steam boilers with low capacity will be set filters. Passengers train which burns 10-thousand-ton raw coal per annum and causes air pollution in Bayangol district, started having filters which convert carbonyl into carbon oxide.”

Furthermore, Chiefs of relevant departments and agencies were obliged to work on the issue responsibly and cooperatively.

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