Best 2 graduates of “1000 engineers” project are awarded job invitation of Mobicom Corporation

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2019-04-10 12:00 GMT+8

First 21 graduates of “Engineering and technology higher education” project, implemented under cooperation of Japanese government with purpose of preparing high-skilled engineer and technologist to Mongolia, have been welcomed yesterday.

In framework, Mobicom CEO and Chairman Tatsuya Hamada granted job invitations of Mobicom Corporations to the best 2 graduates named B.Tsend-Ayush and E.Tuguldur. 
The project has been implemented since 2014 and 1000 youths are planned to study in Japan professioning in engineering and technology, and Mobicom Corporation offered job to best 2 graduates. 
This project aims to involve 1000 youths to study in Japan with purposes of  high-skilled engineers and technologists in Mongolia, strengthen teaching skill and improving studying environment.

B.Tsend-Ayush, communication engineering graduate from College of Technology in Sanda, Japan 

- I am very happy for receiving job invitation of Database network engineer at Mobicom Corporation. In my opinion, Mobicom Corporation is leading networking company in Mongolia. I am glad to be the part of this big company. I will work harder under consults of Mongolian skillful engineers by using my knowledge from Japan.


CEO and Chairman of Mobicom Corporation Tatsuya Hamada:

-  Few months ago, I visited to first “Kosen” class of University of Technique and Technology and met teachers, classrooms and curriculums. Environment and culture was alike Japanese curriculum, and it made me impressed. “Kosen” program provides Mongolian students with qualified training. 

Furthermore, top 5 employees of Mobicom Corporation are working KDDI Group in Japan, telecommunication corporation of Japan.

There are several advantages in working at Mobicom Corporation. Most people know that our company has wide operations in sales, strategy planning, development, engineering and customer service. It means new employee is able to gain multiple experience at once. We always gives opportunity of conversion to a employee. For instance, an employee who works in sales can be promoted to strategy or finance.
We also send our employees to Japan and other countries in order to give opportunities of gaining business experience and foreign culture. This is a unique feature of Mobicom Corporation.


Mobicom is the first operator company that introduced 3 standards adhered internationally. The company operates according to ISO 27001 standard which is labor, health and safety standard to avoid employees from risk, and the company has market competitive salary system and rewarding system based on work result which attracts many students to work here. 
Furthermore, top 5 employees of Mobicom Corporation are working KDDI Group in Japan, telecommunication corporation of Japan. In particular, 1 employees of Mobicom Corporation works in Osaka, Japan, 4 employees work in Tokyo, Japan, and 1 employee of Mongol Content LLC, subsidiary of Mobicom Corporation, works in Myanmar. The company will send top employees abroad to gain experience anually. All Mobicom employees are open to work in central office in Tokyo, and subsidiaries of KDDI Group.

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