Experts warn of pre-election year impact on improving economy


2019-04-23 14:00 GMT+8

Public investment expenses almost tripled compared to the previous years to MNT 1.2 trillion. As a reminder, the economic growth slowed down during the three previous parliamentary elections and the MNT rate declined sharply. Thereby, analysts are being cautious towards the election that could potentially change the economic and business environment and the fiscal discipline that is currently improving.

Since 2012, the volume of the economy has expanded and the budget revenue outreached the trillion mark. As a result of mega projects in the mining industry, such as Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia's economy has developed its basic structure. Also, public expenditures, revenues, and investments have improved from the 1990s. The amount of capital that is being allocated from the budget to rural administrations is reaching billions of MNT. As a result, companies' investment in the public sector such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and road bidding are becoming more competitive.

However, some of the taxpayers' money is being wasted in the name of financial investment. In particular, the construction costs have exceeded budget allocation over the years. Many of the buildings, roads, and bridges that have not been completed after the election still remain as carcasses. Construction costs have been increased 2-5 times.

According to a survey conducted by the Open Society Forum, the Government budgeted MNT 2.5 trillion to finance 887 projects, activities, and constructions in 2019.

In general, major maintenances burden the budget. A total of MNT 84.9 billion has been planned for 75 major maintenance works this year. The maintenance budget is mainly expected to contribute to the transport sector.

Mongolia is expected to purchase 42 new equipment worth MNT 102.4 billion this year. If the MNT rate falls, this figure will rise. Analysts believe that budget management is deriving and that it is time to estimate the socio-economic efficiency of the budget.

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