Mongolian Foreign Policy: The story of seeking the third neighbor


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1962 was a great year. At the beginning of the year, Mongolia established diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan by the first half of the year and Laos in the fall. Prime Minister Tsedenbal Yumjaa's interview with journalists from America and western Germany on August 19, 1962, remained as a documentary.

“The People's Republic of Mongolia is ready to establish relations with the West, including the United States and Great Britain, on the basis of mutual respect, equality, impartiality, non-interference in the internal affairs, respect for the principles of international law and non-discrimination.”

“Our country is pursuing a policy of peaceful cooperation with the principle of peaceful co-operation and development of friendly relations with all countries regardless of their social construction.”

Here is another story that is not related to diplomatic relations. When asked about the UN's request for assistance, the People's Republic of Mongolia (PRM) said, "There is a possibility to refrain from receiving economic assistance from the outside world other than the social system."

The number of countries with diplomatic relations increased over the last 15 years

1963 is a symbol year of the beginning of the history of Mongolian foreign relations. I would name this year as the beginning of an important phase of the third-neighbor policy since Mongolia has established a relationship with western countries as third neighbors for the first time. In 1963, the country established diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Austria, Finland, and Egypt. In 1964, Switzerland, Sweden and France in 1965. At the time, the six countries of the capitalist world, including four neutral states, extended their hand to Mongolia. At that time, Mongolian Prime Minister Tsedenbal Yumjaa was interviewed by a reporter from Reuters agency Adam Long. He said,

“Diplomatic relations between our two countries prove that countries with a variety of socio-political institutions are living peacefully

PRM is always welcome for establishing peaceful relations with the UN members, which respects high standards, the principle of mutual understanding, ensuring the freedom, peace, and prosperity of the United Nations.

When the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP)'s annual general meeting was held in 1966, Mongolia had diplomat relations with more than 30 countries. In the next decade, this number was raised by 13, including India, demonstrating the results of an effort to establish a relationship with more countries.

1966.06.07 - “During the reporting period, PRM's foreign relations have been successfully expanding, the status of Mongolian in the international community has strengthened and the reputation in the world has improved. Currently, the PRM has diplomatic relations with 33 countries and is trading with more than 20 countries. The countries with diplomatic relations will continue to increase in the future.”

1971.06.07 - “During the reporting period, PRM has established diplomatic relations with over 20 countries. As of today, our country has diplomatic relations with 53 countries. This is proof that the reputation of socialist Mongolia has developed internationally and shows that foreign relations are increasingly expanding.

1976.06.14 - “In general, the foreign relations of PRM have grown considerably since 1971-1975. Nowadays, our country has established official diplomatic relations with 79 countries.”

1981.05.26 - “When we prepared our foreign policy guidelines, we can say that Mongolia's external relations have expanded greatly during the reporting period and our country is increasingly engaged in international activities. Now it is good to note that our country has diplomatic relations with 91 countries and is a member of many internationally respected organizations.”

1986.05.28 - “Today, Mongolia has diplomatic relations with 99 countries and is actively cooperating in politics, commerce, economy, culture, science, technical and other sectors of the world, witnessing the growing reputation of the PRM.”

The MPRP and the People's Government were making an effort to strengthen their foreign relations at the time of MPR. They thought that if the number of foreign countries that have diplomatic relations with Mongolia increases, then the independence, the international position and the reputation of the people will increase. Indeed, it was true. However, the old ideology that concerned quantity has ended with the socialist regime. The MPRP's 20th Conference was held in 1991. They emphasized that the relationship with the neighboring countries’ communist parties is important. Mongolia sought cooperation with other parties of the socialist countries only. About the foreign policy, MPRP was willing to support the government.

During the democratic years, the number of states established diplomatic relations with Mongolia has increased as a result of progress. The number was at 99 by 1986 and increased to 144 in the 21st century. Over the last 15 years, it has grown to 187.

To be continued...

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