Reimbursement of MNT 42 billion transferred to deposits up to MNT 20 million

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-05-02 18:24 GMT+8

Deposit Insurance Corporation informed that reimbursement of MNT 42.2 billion was transferred to deposit holders lower than MNT 20 million.

CEO of Deposit Insurance Corporation Kh.Bum-erdene said “In particular, reimbursement of MNT 42.2 billion, 251431 accounts with up to MNT 20 million, has been transferred to Khan Bank. Individuals have received MNT 23.1 billion by April 29”. 

There are 6 million deposit accounts in Mongolia and 99.8% of it has deposit up to MNT 20 million. Deposit Insurance Corporation operates to reimburse those deposit accounts.

Capital bank had paid MNT 5.8 billion for insurance fee since 2013.

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