Marmot plaque in Bayan-Olgii and Uvs provinces

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-05-08 18:04 GMT+8

On May 1, a Mongolian couple is dead because of marmot plaque in Bayan-Olgii province. Following their deaths, the county imposed the quarantine on 124 people who had come in contact with the couple. All of the quarantined people were treated with antibiotics as a preventative. As of today, there is no symptom and quarantine was lifted on Monday. 

On May 5, 1 suspicious case of marmot plaque was registered in Ulaangom soum, Uvs province. The laboratory analysis denied the disease. Thus, quarantine was lifted at 3 p.m. of May 6.

Please be familiar with the following:

1. Mongolia has the law which prohibits marmot hunting.

2. Do not trade and transport skin and meat of illegally hunted marmot in public areas.

3. Do not eat raw meat or organs of marmot.

4. Do not touch and make any contact remains of dead marmot.

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