No raw coal delivery in Ulaanbaatar

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-05-15 15:50 GMT+8

A government resolution to not deliver household raw coal to the capital city is under implementation from today. 

The government made the resolution on February 28, 2018 considering that air pollution will decrease by 50% when raw coal is replaced by refined coal. 

Further, households and entities shall not use raw coal and the resolution is not applicable to licensed entities to manufacture electricity and heating energy.

Using refined coal is economical for households. For instance, a household using 4-5 tons of raw coal during winter will use 2 times less refined coal. Refined coal has 2 times higher heat unit and burning time is 2 times longer. 

As of today, Mongolia has reserves of 60 thousand tons refined coal and raw material of 120 thousand tons. Refined coal packed in 25, 600 and 900 kilograms, and 1 ton is sold by MNT 150,000 per ton through 1000 sales points. 

Introducing refined coal to consumption is the action to take immediately to decrease air pollution. Besides, concessionary mortgage loan, electric heater and liquid gas and building apartments in ger districts are under progress. 

Annual consumption of raw coal in Ulaanbaatar is 1.2 million tons and it makes 80% of air pollution.

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