Convert line from circle line 32 to 7 buudal

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-05-24 14:44 GMT+8

Regular Citizens’ representative council meeting was held in Khangarid palace on Wednesday. During the meeting, B.Otgonsukh, project manager of the capital road and transportation, informed about implementation of convert line with purpose of reduce traffic. 

The convert line will be tested on roads starting from circle line 32 to 7 buudal, and will last to summer camp road if necessary. At 08:00-10:00 during traffic, one line to city center will be added from opposite route. Also one line to summer camp will be added after 17:00. 

The regulation will be made mechanically, and road signs and lights will be added if necessary. 

Traffic load will reduce if convert line is used and it will be implemented other parts of the city as project team in charge of the city road and transportation informed.

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