ADB loan of MNT 50 billion for tourism project in Khuvsgul

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-05-27 17:09 GMT+8

State Great Khural approved tourism project in Khuvsgul lake by Asian Development Bank fund with purpose of developing tourism. 

Within, USD 19 million or MNT 50 billion loan will be disbursed to the project. Followings are included in the project:

• Build 40.2 kilometer paved road with 6 meter width starting from Khatgal airport to Chuchu pass

• Build waste water treatment plant with capacity of 50m3 to collect waste water of entities in Khatgal village and Khankh soum

• Establish Information and Training center with capacity of 100-200 people in Khatgal village

• Re-build Eg river bridge

• Introduce international standardized landfill method in Khatgal village and Khankh soum 

• Build parking space with capacity of 150-200 cars.

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