J.Batzandan: I am working to prove innocence of T.Chimgee and B.Sodnomdarjaa

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene GoGo.mn

2019-06-03 10:56 GMT+8

Parliament members J.Batzandan and L.Bold have met T.Chimgee and B.Sodnomdarjaa who were accused of Zorig criminal case and are imprisoned in 401 prison. 

J.Batzandan: Two members of Standing committee met T.Chimgee and B.Sodnomdarjaa separately, and T.Chimgee was not feeling well having internal bleeding for months. I told heads of prison to take care of her and ordered to make her treated well. Also B.Sodnomdarjaa was not in good condition. 

However they are under treatment, prison treatment is not good enough. It is definite that T.Chimgee and B.Sodnomdarjaa didn’t murder S.Zorig, and Standing committee is working to absolve them. There are authorities who have no desire to release them and ordered the case. We will collect citizens’ signature to release those two.

L.Bold: Torturing lasted for 400 days and T.Chimgee was stayed in the basement for 100 days torturing and it proves the video of torturing.

We asked them if it is possible to show some part of current meeting video, and they both agreed. This issue will be discussed during Standing committee meeting and presented to public next week.

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