Developing relationship with Republic of Turkey is more than announcing the country as third-neighbor

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-06-08 16:01 GMT+8

The 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Republic of Turkey happens this year. Within the anniversary, international scientific conference named after “Half century history and development tendency” is under progress. 

The conference took place in the Government palace on June 7, and attendees include Parliament members T.Ayursaikhan and B.Undarmaa, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia Ahmet Yazal, Mongolia’s Ambassador to Turkey B.Batkhishig, Former Minister of Foreign Relation Ts.Gombosuren, business owners and researchers.

The scientific conference was organized by International relations institute of Scientific Academy. Mongolia’s Ambassador to Turkey B.Batkhishig opened the conference by his speech stating Turkey is Mongolia’s third neighbor, because Mongolia and Turkey have been existing closely, and cultures and languages are connected. Also Turkey showed technical support to Mongolia when transferring to Democracy in 1990s. He also explained we declared Turkey our third-neighbor due to member of NATO and ranks 13th in the world by economy.

B.Batkhishig also stated that it is important to develop relationship between two countries, not only announcing. Mongolian and Turkish citizens are exempt from visa requirement for their travels to Turkey up to 30 days which is huge development.

Turkey has population of 80 million. If 80 thousand tourists travel to Mongolia every year, it would be a big support to Mongolian tourism sector. Tourist from Turkey came to Mongolia with purpose of showing honors to statues of ancestors, but it takes 1-day travel to see the statue in Orkhon and another 1 day to go back which should be faster.

He also stated that however bilateral foreign trade is USD 43 million, it is USD 100 million for real. Because there are many shops selling Turkish brands due to “Turkish Airlines” allows 30kg luggage. 

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia Ahmet Yazal made speech “Next 50 years of historical neighbors” starting “Mongolia is our ancient friend and Mongolians take special place in Turkish people’s heart”. 

He also said “Now, bilateral relations are developing in every sector. Most State organizations of Mongolia and Turkey have relations. There are 2000 Mongolians who speaks Turkish which makes multilateral relations open”.

Economic relation

Republic of Turkey made export of USD 400 billion last year. Only USD 40 million was made to Mongolia which is low. 

Auto transportation between two counties requires many permissions due to going through Russia. However there is a transportation demand from Turkey to Mongolia, trucks are going back without shipment. In this case, air transportation is the most useful option.

Ahmet Yazal also stated that tourism develops in the countries where "Turkish Airlines" have direct flight. 8.5 million Turkish tourist travel abroad. It is not a dream to attract few of them, because Mongolian beautiful nature and bilateral historical communication can be used for developing tourism. 

Photo exhibition of half century history of Mongolia and Turkey was presented during "Half century history and development tendency" conference. 

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