The court and prosecutor did not show court decisions of S.Zorig case

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-06-10 11:51 GMT+8

On 2019.06.07, G.Zandanshatar, Parliament Speaker of Mongolia, received and met Alexandra Jerkov, Member of the National Assembly, Serbia, President of Committee on Human Rights of International Parliamentarians Committee, and Abdullah al-Aradi, First Deputy Speaker of the Bahraini House of Representatives. 

Members of Committee on Human Rights of International Parliamentarians Committee are working on murder case of S.Zorig, former Parliament member of Mongolia. 

Alexandra Jerkov said “There are violations in the organizations that implement decision I made. The court and prosecutors don’t grant any permission to see court decisions related to the case. The court decision is out of privacy.”

The court is independent institution. According to Constitution, the parliament cannot interfere the jurisdiction. On the other hand, we need to update the system and make change. The value of Democracy is to protect Human Rights.

G.Zandanshatar expressed his gratitude that IPC cooperates on protecting human rights and held meeting with B.Sodnomdarjaa and T.Chimgee according to the request from IPC.

Representatives met L.Enkh-Amgalan, Vice-Speaker of Parliament, and members of Temporary Committee, and watched the video of torturing B.Sodnomdarjaa and T.Chimgee.

Ts.Nyamdorj, Minister of Justice made response “I agree to conclusion made from International Parliamentarians Committee. The conclusion impacts to reveal torturing exists in Mongolia. Cases of law violation and torturing since 2017 are under inspection. The case has been transferred to Prosecutor Office from Police Department, soon it will transferred to the court and related decision will be made. The court decision is indefinite, but officers who committed torturing and violated law will be charged”.

He continued “As you seen, Mongolia is against torturing and working to meet obligations of International conventions. I hope you consider torturing doesn’t apply to Mongolia when making decisions. This is unique case that legal organizations was used with purpose of politics. On the other side, such case won’t be repeated if we show the case to public”.

The representatives are working to detect S.Zorig case accurately and fairly. And they expressed their confidence that cooperation will influence on Mongolian democracy, human rights and law enforcement positively.

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