Men dominate decision making level in Mongolia


2019-06-19 11:45 GMT+8

What is the women rate in decision making level?

Have you ever considered this?

Women rate is the highest in middle or operational levels. Nevertheless, 15% of men possessed higher education and 20% of women. 

Mongolia has Gender national committee and Law on gender equality, but its operation and the law implementation are uncertain. 

Following graphics show women participation on decision making level. Political parties have solution to change the situation, but it is unclear whether they want to make change.  

43% of participants of questionnaires made from Social policy and development research institute answered “Politic parties should work more to make women having decision making level at politics”. The most interesting question of this questionnaire and its answers are shown below:

What is the main obstacle that women participation is low in decision making level at politics?

1. Men dominated politic structure 35%

2. Electors give less vote to women 13%

3. Women responsibility in family 12%

4. Economic resource of women is limited 10%

5. Knowledge and leadership are low 11%

6. Women are inactive in politics 8%

7. Men are more capable than women 4%

8. Don’t know 5%



Only 17.1% of 76 Parliament members are women

However Mongolian women rate in legal, economic and engineering sectors is higher in the world, political rate is at 98th place out of 190 countries. Women are said and written as “begging quotas” and “please be a member by using your own knowledge and power”. In fact, it is hard to be parliament member or high level decision maker without any organizational support. 


Female Parliament Members of Mongolia

Mongolia never had female President

Once, there was a female candidate for President of Mongolia. It was the President election of 2013 and Udval Natsag was candidate from Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party besides Ts.Elbegdorj and B.Bat-Erdene. The election result was Ts.Elbegdorj- 50,23%, B.Bat-Erdene- 41,97% and N.Udval- 6,50%.

As for today, 7 presidential elections were held in Mongolia and no female President still. 

Presidents of Mongolia

1 of 13 Ministers is female

The government, led by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, has 13 ministries. And Minister of Health D.Sarangerel is the only female Minister. The sector is considered more relevant to women, that’s why the Minister of Health is usually woman.


What if the Mayor is woman? 

But no woman has been a Mayor in Mongolia. Can be our city well-organized and well-planned if Mayor is a woman? 

Governors of the capital: 

Women rate in Districts governors and Chiefs of Citizen’s representative meeting???

Ulaanbaatar city has 9 districts. 2 of them has female Governors; S.Odontuya of Bayangol district and Kh.Bolormaa of Sukhbaatar district. 

Also, 3 chiefs of Citizen’s representative meeting are women as shown below graphic.

Governors of 21 provinces are all men

Mongolia has 21 provinces, but none of them has female governor.

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