B.Altantuya: Mongolia has all tortures except for scientific experiment

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2019-06-26 12:44 GMT+8

Today is UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Within, “Human Right issues of Victims of Torture” forum is held in Government house under cooperation of National Human Rights Commission and Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Human Rights.

N.Oyundari, Parliament member and Head of the Parliamentar Sub-Committee on Human Rights, made opening speech expressing that ensuring Human Rights is duty of every person, not only the Government. She also stated that Mongolia neglected international advice related torturing many times. 

The first speech “Challenges to be torture free: National law enforcement, Human Rights international legal requirement” is by P.Oyunchimeg, member of National Human Rights Commission. 

P.Oyunchimeg said “There are 2 major difficulties and one of them is budget. We have the law and the justice. We joined the convention in 2000 and we need to make implementation. Many people talked about torturing issue many times last 19 years. Some procurators and judges have no instructions to follow international convention, but they should operate according to law, not by human instructions. History of National Human Rights Commission shows that people attitude and perception must change at first to speak about torturing”.

She also stated that “People should be provided with Human Rights training, but a person attended the training change job after 3 years. The training must have credits and to be basis of job description. Mongolia is one of UN member countries, that’s why participating in international events is essential”.  

B.Altantuya, Executive director of Mongolian Amnesty International NGO, made speech “Implementation of International treaties against torturing in Mongolia”.

She stated “We developed many recommendations such as fair judgement, protesting against torturing and destroying torture. Today is the day of supporting and helping victims of torture. Mongolia has torturing methods except for scientific experience. Thus, we need to discuss how to help victims. There are many international treaties against torture, but reimbursing damage of victims is indefinite. How to reimburse victims of torturing since 2000? Torturing victim case of Zorig is not the only case, there are many more. How many people’s cases left unhidden under covers of State secret, inspection and court confidentiality? Related to this, issues related psychological health will be arisen”.

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