Are you ready to “Aim, Race and Wrestle”? Then come join us!

2019-06-27 09:00 GMT+8

One cannot fully enjoy or know Mongolia without experiencing the Naadam festival which is celebrated at the very least for centuries. The Naadam tradition is truly ancient in its origins, predating, perhaps by millennia, the rise of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khaan) in the early thirteenth century. Naadam can be equated to the original Olympic Games of ancient Greece. It is organized every year at the National Sports stadium to celebrate the national independence. The festival is also locally termed Three Manly Games. These games include traditional wrestling, horse racing and archery, although the last two allow the participation of women and children.

On 29th of June, the first “Aim, Race, Wrestle” miniature Naadam festival will be organized for foreigners residing in Mongolia, including representatives of foreign Embassies in Ulaanbaatar.  

This distinctive event will allow our international guests to experience traditional Mongolian Naadam activities; namely archery, horse racing, and wrestling. The activities will take place in the form of games and competitions for all ages and genders. The attendance is open to all foreign visitors in Mongolia. Any foreign participant, who is physically fit and wishing to compete in archery, horse racing, and wrestling competitions, is welcome to participate.

The event is being organized by MNB World channel with the support of Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department, Mongol Nomadic Tourist Camp, Mongol Stunt and Sondor Dance band.  

The registration link, requirements and additional information are uploaded to MNB World’s Facebook page. For more information please contact MNB World by 70117970.

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