100 ail road will be closed from today

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2019-07-01 14:02 GMT+8

The Governor’s Office of the Capital City Ulaanbaatar reported to press that 100 ail road will be closed from today due to maintenance work. 

Maintenance work will be performed with 3 parts between July 1 and August 15. 

At first, road maintenance work from 100 ail to Khangai town will be performed within July 1 and 15,

Secondly, from Khangai town to General Authority to State Registration between July 14 and 28,

At third, from GASR to 100 ail intersection between July 28 and August 15.

New road will have 12-meter width, 2.25-meter pedestrian path and bike lane. Budget of 1.6 km road is MNT 3.5 billion including tunnel system, infrastructure and rain-pipe. 

Additionally, pay-parking space will be added to 4 locations.

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