Excise tax on beer reduced

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2019-07-02 12:28 GMT+8

Mongolian Customs General Administration centralized MNT 1.45 trillion to State Budget.

As of 2019 first half, MCGA has centralized MNT 1.45 trillion to State Budget out of planning MNT 1.43 trillion, over fulfilled by 1.7% or MNT 23.77 billion.

Total income increased by MNT 241 billion from last year. Followings show up and down of income by its kind:

• Custom tax MNT 54.23 billion,

• Value added tax MNT 117.16 billion,

• Excise tax on alcohol MNT 0.70 billion,

• Excise tax on cigarette MNT 10.79 billion,

• Excise tax on sedan MNT 34.93 billion,

• Excise tax on petroleum and diesel fuel MNT 22.57 billion

• And tax on petroleum and diesel fuel increased by MNT 1.86 billion.

Excise tax to beer decreased by MNT 0.44 billion, self-income 0.01 billion and fee decreased by MNT 0.73 billion. 

Goods of USD 1 billion have been imported as of first half year which is 5.5% higher than previous year. 

At initial 6 months of this year, goods of MNT 2.9 billion have been imported which is 5.5% higher comparing with previous year. As a result of tugrik rate decrease /10.2%/, import by MNT reached to MNT 7608.1 billion which increased by 16.2% or MNT 1060.7 billion from previous year.

Petroleum, diesel fuel, equipment and cars increase influenced on this import growth.

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