“Naadam night” show to be held on July 11

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2019-07-02 17:13 GMT+8

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism appeals citizens to join the motto “Clear holiday”. Last year, about 10 companies joined and it was effective. 

The Ministry supported recycling factory by MNT 400million and stated that Mongolia will classify garbage soon, and the factory will be opened in September. Also contest under topic of “Clear holiday” will be held between journalists and best idea will be awarded.

National Naadam Holiday is coming soon. Central stadium has 13500 seats and tourist companies requested purchase of 3500. But the stadium has private ownership and the Ministry is unable to organize seats directly.

“Naadam night” show will be held in National Amusement Park in the evening of July 11. Opening of Naadam ceremony at Central Stadium is organized in Mongolian language, so tourists can join “Naadam night” show and get information in English. 

N.Tserenbat, Ministry of Environment and Tourism said “It’s able to increase tourists to Mongolia. It decreases when bad news about Mongolia spreads. Sanitation facility is not sufficient although companies improved their quality and standards. In order to improve tourism sector, 10 thousand people were involved in free guide course. The Ministry is cooperating with Ulaanbaatar city tourism department, and need to cooperate with Capital city governor’s office”.

Furthermore, many sanitation facilities and garbage cans are placed due to Silk Way Rally is passing through Mongolia. Business tourism will be developed in Ulaanbaatar later. Gandan monastery will be tourist attraction and Tourist street will be improved according to general plan.

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