Public transportations are organized as following during Naadam days

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-07-03 17:41 GMT+8

1.            Total 637 buses of 93 routes including 612 buses to 93 main routes, 10 small buses to sub-routes, 5 buses to camp routes and 10 buses to 3 routes at night. 

2.            On July 11 and 12, 76 buses of 13 routes to “Misheel expo” and 135 buses of 22 routes to “Dunjingarav trade center” for going to “Central Stadium”.

3.            20 buses every 3 minutes from “Misheel expo” and “Dunjingarav” to “Central Stadium”, 5 buses every 6 minutes from “Dund gol” stop to “Central Stadium”, 5 buses every 4 minutes from Khui 7 khudag’s “Rail bus stop” to “Horse finishing line” for FREE.

4.            On July 11 and 12, 20 buses starting from 8 a.m from Mahatma Gandhi Street bus stop to “Khui 7 khudag” by MNT 1000. On July 13, from Ulaanbaatar hotel bus stop to “Khui 7 khudag” by MNT 1000.

5.            380 taxis of 11 taxi companies will serve from 3 parking spaces near “Central Stadium”. 1. “Khurd khoroolol” in front of “Central Stadium”, 2. Parking of Chamber of Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi street, behind “Central Stadium”, 3. Parking space west of KH apartment, Chinggis Avenue, West side of “Central Stadium”. 

6.            On July 10-13, Rail bus will operate from “Amgalan” to “Davaanii urtuu” by MNT 2000.

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