180 sales points of refined coal contracted

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2019-08-30 16:19 GMT+8

In framework of the Government ordinance 62 “Ban consumption of raw coal” dated 2018, Governor of the capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Amarsaikhan visited to “Tavan tolgoi tulsh” LLC yesterday to see refined coal manufacturing process, delivery, sales, transportation and reservation. 

M.Ganbaatar, executive director of “Tavan tolgoi tulsh” LLC reported “As of today, 28 delivery cars have gone to distribution. 17.800 tons of refined coal with package of 25 kilograms are existing at the factory. 2.300-2.800 tons of refined coals are packed daily. Manufacturing process is stable and reserving work is under progress.

We will provide 40 warehouse and 500 sales points located within ger districts. In other words, refined coal will be sold regularly as SUPPLY BASE-MID SUPPLY CENTER-CONTRACTED SELLER.

Customers shall use smart card named by “Sain” to purchase refined coal. 3 tons of refined coal can be purchased by each card and it will be refilled by “Tavan tolgoi tulsh” LLC when finished”. 

G.Undarmaa, Director of Sales at “Tavan tolgoi tulsh” LLC stated “180 sales points to sell refined coal have been contracted. As of today, 80 sales points have addressed and operating regularly. We are working on contracts of other sellers”.

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