Over 400 Mongolian managers trained in Germany


2019-09-03 08:00 GMT+8

Mongolian managers have been involved in “Manager training program” in the Federal Republic of Germany for 10 years.

The program is organized by cooperation of Mongolian Employers’ Federation and GIZ. 10th anniversary of the training program has been held involving the participants.

“Manager training program”, financed by German Government, has been implemented in Mongolia since 2009 and over 400 managers have participated successfully. Yesterday, 30 Mongolian managers went to Germany according to the program. 

According to bilateral agreement of Mongolia-Germany governments, Mongolian managers are selected by policy to support entities, private sectors, small and medium enterprises, and companies’ managers, and involved in “Manager training program” with one-month term in Germany, by grants from German government. The program aims to support operations of private sectors, SME and companies by training their managers in Germany. Also, the program gives the managers opportunities to introduce new technology to their entities, to have direct connection with German entities, to cooperate and expand cooperation of trade and economy.

Ts.Bolor, former Mongolian ambassador to Federal Republic of Germany said “Mongolia and Germany signed Comprehensive Partnership Agreement in 2008. In 2018 total trade between 2 countries is USD 190 million and it is 4.1% of total Mongolian trade which is less. In 2017, investment of USD 110 million had been made to Mongolia. Since 1990, German government had granted EUR 400 million to Mongolia. Mongolia and Germany have been in friendly relations for 30 years, and these managers who were trained in the program have high influence to further long-term relationship due to trade and economy are the basis”.


Kh.Ganbaatar, Deputy Chairman of Mongolian Employers’ Federation:

The program is implemented successfully, and many beneficial examples can be told. For instance, manager of the “APU” JSC participated in the program and upgraded its beer and milk factory cooperating with Germans. Also, “Suu” JSC upgraded its package and technology with assistance of German specialists. The implementation of the program is in accordance with agreement between Mongolian and German agreements and A.Merkel, Chancellor of Germany initiated the program under purpose of “Training managers in the mining sector of Mongolia at same level of German experts”. The participants of the program are trained as high-skilled personnels to the country. 


“Manager training program” is run by GIZ from the German side, and more than 13000 managers from 19 countries have been involved in the program. 

Benedict Hartmann, Consultant of AHP International GmbH & Co. KG: 

Mongolian managers are very talented. Especially, the managers I hosted last year were very skillful, studied abroad and well-prepared. Also, their soft skill was quite developed and more flexible comparing with other countries. Management skill of most countries is different and it is developing and changing. Small and medium sized enterprises are playing big role in German economy. We export 80% of total products. This is why we always keen on new markets and Mongolia is one of them. 

Furthermore, participants shared their experience about using their trainings to products and services.

Ts.Mandukhai, participant of 2018, “Best experience” awardee, executive officer of “EFCA Solutions” LLC:

During the training, we visited to big factories and companies in Germany and met their operations and technologies. Also we understood how to start relations with European standard companies and got familiar with German business culture. We gained experience on management skill and started management ideas in Mongolia. Since having management training in Germany, one of the leading countries in the world, we are able to have relationship with them. On the other hand, Germans pay high attention to Human resource and Mongolian large companies should learn them and support employees in order to create strong human resource. Managers of Mongolian large companies have high possibility to gain experience and develop their business according to the program. 

During this, products and services of participants of the program have been introduced. 

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