Eight enterprises input SMEDFund loan to high interest deposit

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2019-11-12 10:05 GMT+8

Independent Agency Against Corruption reported that following 8 enterprises have deposited loan received from Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund with high interest.

1. Uranselenge LLC- Established in 2009 with purpose of brick manufacturing. D.Enkhbaatar works as Executive. The company is owned by Khaliun LLC, Mongolian party, and Xin Shen De, Chinese party.
2. Tsagiin Erch LLC- Ownership B.Tuya. It was established in 2010 and operated as building decorating.
3. Greentower construction LLC- Ownership D.Tungalag. It was established in 2011.
4. Namjsod LLC- Ch.Erdenebayar established the company in 2008 with purpose of foreign trade.
5. Tsambagarav trade LLC- P.Sanjmyatav and M.Baasandash established the company in 2018 with purpose of agriculture and foreign trade.
6. SAME LLC- It has a registration under name of Sh.Ariunzaya and established in 2009.
7. Jiguurt khusug LLC- Kh.Boldbaatar owns the company, established in 2007.
8. TBMT LLC- Ownership G.Oyuntuya. Operations are foreign trade, hotel and tourism. Established in 2007.

T.Bayarkhuu, Public relations senior office of IAAC reported “Among the companies that received SMEDFund loan, 34 of them are related to NBFI, and 11 of them are related to officials. During an investigation, 8 cases of high interest deposit were revealed. None of them related to Parliament members. Disruption of an official authority and using advantage are under investigation separately”.

These 8 companies made statement that they deposited the loan due to operation failure.

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