Mongolia is to have research base in Antarctica

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-11-12 17:58 GMT+8

L.Dugerjav, professor and pole researcher, has reported about his upcoming 7th time research in Antarctica.

L.Dugerjav, Head of the Antarctica Research Center of Mongolian University of Science and Technology is to join Bulgarian Antarctica 28th expedition team in January, 2020.

On November 12, he was handed over Mongolian flag due to cooperation with 28th expedition of Bulgarian Antarctica Institute.

L.Dugerjav reported “Yesterday, the President of Mongolia handed over Mongolian flag to Bulgarian expedition team which means race for new territory. The territory is free land until 2059 means researcher countries working there have advantage to own land there. That’s why we need to establish our own base and develop own program there. 29 countries out of 54 which have Antarctica Treaty have their own bases there. We are going to have our own base soon, and have installed automatic station. Also we will have 6 people apartment. Currently, only 3-4 people are available to work at the same time. There are about 5000 people working annually, and now 4000 in summer”.

His 7th research work will take at least 75 days and all expenses were made from charity and supporters in last years. This time, the Minister of Environment and Tourism is in charge of the expenses.

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