The British Embassy’s Steppe Inne Pub donates 17 million MNT to charities and rural schools in Mongolia

2019-11-25 18:01 GMT+8

The British Embassy’s Steppe Inne Pub has donated 17 million tugriks ($6,270) to a hospice, kindergartens and schools in Mongolia. The donations were made following the closure of the Steppe Inne due to the re-location of the British Embassy from its former building on Peace Avenue to the Shangri-La Office Complex.

Kindergartens 2, 12, and 13 and Aviyas High School in Moron county of Khuvsgul province received 7 million MNT in toys, puzzles, sports and audio/video equipment. Additionally, Naidvar Hospice in Dambadarjaa received 7 million MNT in medical equipment. The Steppe Inne is also donating 3 million MNT to purchase air pollution masks for children in the Ger District.

British Ambassador and Steppe Inne President, Philip Malone, said:

“I am delighted the Steppe Inne has been able to make these donations to worthy causes in Mongolia. It is a fitting way to mark the closure of the Steppe Inne following the British Embassy’s move to new offices and to make good use of the Steppe Inne’s remaining funds”.

The British Embassy was located on Peace Avenue for 53 years prior to its re-location to the Shangri-La Office Complex in October 2019. The British-themed Steppe Inne pub opened at the Peace Avenue site in 1988. However, the closure of the Steppe Inne will not stop the good work continuing as a new Steppe Inne club is being established by a group of its most loyal clientele and will continue raising funds in the future.

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