Ice climbers to Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall

Translator E.Oyun-Erdene

2019-12-03 14:05 GMT+8

“Karakorum ice festival-2019” will be held at Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall on December 7 and 8. One of the adventurous winter tourism event has been organized since 2012 under name of Ice Challenge Mongolia. 

The competition was initiated by Mongolia expedition tours LLC and G.Usukhbayar, State Honored Athlete, and the competition will be held under the name of Karakorum Ice Festival this year.

The winner of the competition will be granted MNT 1 million and trophy. 

Number of domestic and foreign tourists to climb to Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall has been increasing every year, and tourists are able to see Mongol Els Sand Dunes, Khujirt village, Tuvkhun monastery, Uurtiin tokhoi on the way to Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall. 

The event is organized by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Governor office of Uvurkhangai province, Mongolia Expedition LLC and Mongolian National Climbing Federation.

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