#2: WOMEN in decision making level


2019-07-17 11:30 GMT+8

Previously, we presented you following information related “Men dominate decision making level in Mongolia”.

  • 13 of 76 Parliament members
  • 1 of 13 Ministers
  • and 2 governors of 9 districts governors are women.

As for today, 7 presidential elections were held in Mongolia and no female President still. Mongolia has 21 provinces, but none of them has female governor. Click HERE to see previous information.

Following information shows women rate in 

  • State owned companies,
  • Universities’ directors 
  • Hospitals’ directors. 

None of State owned companies has female director

There are many small and big State owned companies. Following 18 State owned big companies are selected and none of them has female directors. 

Directors except for MNUMS and MSUCA are male

There are 9 state universities. Only directors of Mongolian National University of Medical Science, and Mongolian State University of Culture and Art are female, others are male.

Statistics of Higher Education Sector 2018-2019 academic year shows that women dominate in other educational sectors. 

Students of Universities by gender in last 5 years  

By gender
Year Total



Gender index

Female rate
2014-2015 178,295 102,520 75,775 1.35 57.5
2015-2016 162,626 93,674 68,952 1.36 57.6
2016-2017 157,138 91,526 65,612 1.39 58.2
2017-2018 155,248 90,094 65,154 1.38 58.0
2018-2019 157,625 93,552 64,073 1.46 59.4

Graduates by gender

  Diploma Bachelor Master PhD
Male 62.2% 40.6% 36.8% 38.2%
Female 37.8% 59.4% 63.2% 61.8%

Directors of Hospitals

It is familiar that women rate is comparatively high in medical sector. But women rate within directors’ level is still low which only 4 directors of 13 big hospitals are women. 

In the end, 49.15% of total Mongolian population are male and 50.85% are female according to National Statistics Committee report, although above graphics show that women in decision making level is too low comparing with the population rate.

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