Teachers will have a ONE Time bonus of 200USD this year

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2017-11-09 15:47 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - A temporary committee of public school teachers held a press conference and announced that they are not going to strike this year again.

Because teachers and workers of public schools will get a bonus of 200 USD one time.

Minister of Education, culture, science Ts.Tsogzolmaa told that state budget deficit is not allowing to increase the monthly salary of public school teachers this year. Instead Government prefered an incentive for teachers. College and university teachers are not included  in ONE TIME incentive decision.

But a temporary committee of public school teachers will continue to demonstrate to increase the monthly salary by 50 percent next year and to establish a trilateral agreement of labor and improve the social security of staffs who work in education and science sectors. 

A temporary committee representing 70,000 public school teachers nationwide held a press conference in August for the first time to announce the teachers` strike.

They continued to demonstrate until the Government accepts their demand to increase income and finally reach the negotiation. Teachers working in all public secondary schools, kindergartens, and vocational training centers attended in the demonstration. 

Earlier on Aug 30, teachers demonstrated at Sukhbaatar square as well as 21 aimags and delivered a demand to the Government to increase their monthly salary to 650USD (1.6 million MNT). However, the Government did not meet their demand and did not respond. 

Teachers noted that Mongolian teachers are paid a minimum of 200 USD per month. 80-90 percent of the teachers have loans. We are living from loan to loan. Teachers earn their living by working in South Korea during the summer. It is embarrassing to report that Mongolian teachers do manual work in abroad. 

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