Miss World 2017 final to be held on Saturday

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2017-11-15 16:19 GMT+8

Miss World 2017 final to be held on Saturday November 18th in China.

Ts.Enkhjin represents Mongolia at the contest and she successfully overcame in 6 criteria from 7 and among top semi-finalists.

Brief introduction of Ts.Enkhjin

Age: 24
Height: 174
Occupation: Interior designer
Language: Mongolian, English, Russian

After gaining a First Class Honours Degree at the Cambridge School of Art in Interior Design, Enkhjin went on to complete a Masters in Industrial Design. She then opened her own Interior Design company. During her free time she likes to swim, hike and paint watercolours. Enkhjin plays the Morin Khuur (traditional instrument) and her special talent is Mongolian deep throat singing. She also performs lyrical ballet. Personal Motto: 'If you dream big enough and believe in it you will achieve at least 30%-50% of it.'

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