Lamb and goat meat export program approved


2017-11-28 14:34 GMT+8

During its November 24 session, Parliament approved a program to export non-breeding lamb and goat meat from provinces and soums where livestock diseases weren’t found.

The program is designed to help increase revenue for herders. It is estimated that 11 million livestock are consumed for local demand for meat and other products, but that six million livestock can be exported without diminishing the livestock population.

The nation's meat producers have exported over 18 tons of meat to China, Russia, Vietnam and Iran. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry expects that 13.6 tons of lamb and 13.8 tons of goat meat will be exported in 2017. Parliament ordered that foreign specialists working for Mongolian meat companies with more than 20 employees make up no more than five percent of the workforce.

As of today in the following aimags and soums are registered infectious diseaes of animals.

Slobbery cases:

  • Bayandun soum, Dornod aimag,
  • Mandal soum, Selenge aimag,
  • Omnodelger soum, Khentii aimag,

Mad disease case:

  • Dashinchilen soum, Bulgan aimag.  
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