The “Green arrow” capital markets reality show will be broadcasted soon


2017-11-30 16:18 GMT+8

For the purposes of increasing the public’s capital markets knowledge and demonstrate to the public how to participate in stocks and bond trading, "Mongolian Stock Exchange" JSC is organizing "Green arrow" reality show in cooperation with the "Mongolian National Radio and Television" LLC.

The reality show will be broadcasted nationwide from December 04, 2017.

The participants to the reality show are 5 representatives from the public who have never had any exposure to the capital markets before, and they will participate by purchasing securities at the “Mongolian Stock Exchange” based on the advice of professional investment advisors. 

The show is composed of 7 episodes, each of which lasts 40 minutes and the winner will be the participant who has increased the value of his/her portfolio the most during the show time.

The value of the securities fluctuates in line with the overall market situation as well as the individual operations of joint stock companies and therefore, the investment portfolio of the participants are equally likely to increase or decrease. The purpose of this reality show is to illustrate this reality of the stock market, highlighting not only the upside potential of the market but also its inherent risks. 

“Green Arrow” reality show will be broadcasted on MNB channel every Monday from December 4th, 2017.

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