Oyu Tolgoi funded 35.1 km road opens in Khanbogd

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2019-02-20 10:20 GMT+8

The Khanbogd-Oyu Tolgoi paved road has been opened ceremoniously today. The 35.1 km road enables safe and comfortable travel for locals and Oyu Tolgoi employees.

Oyu Tolgoi LLC fully funded the MNT46 billion project, which was recognized as the “Best Construction and Infrastructure Project 2018” by Umnugovi province. It is the latest of many projects Oyu Tolgoi LLC has funded for the development of Umnugovi and Khanbogd. Recently, Oyu Tolgoi-funded school and kindergarten complex for 840 students opened in Khanbogd. The school introduces Cambridge education system to the community, making it the only soum level educational institution with international curriculum.

Before its commission on December 24, 2019, The Ministry of Road and Transportation Development representatives praised the quality of construction, pavement markings and road safety signs during a visit to the construction site.

The construction was concluded by the joint efforts of 26 different national contractors, led by Arj Road, Anand Road, Zag Engineering and KACMS LLC. In 2018, the surrounding area registered high rainfall level, complicating work conditions at the site. To deliver the quality work within timeframe, the construction team took immediate measures to increase the technical capabilities and manpower and managed to complete the project on time. At the height of construction, 550 workers and 171 vehicles were employed at the site, paving up to 2800 meters of asphalt concrete a day, significantly above the national average.

Extensive research and tests were conducted to address material shortages in of the local market, successfully planning the logistics of procurement from distant areas. Material quality was assured by an on-site laboratory, which conducted more than 1200 tests.

Prior to land disturbance, extensive archeological and paleontological researches were undertaken in accordance to the Environmental, Social, Cultural Impact Assessment. In addition, 10 thousand rare plants of six species were relocated to Oyu Tolgoi tree nursery in Khanbogd.

Enjoy your safe journey.

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