Second day of MEF 2016 starts


2016-03-31 08:33 GMT+8

7th Mongolia Economic Forum is being held at State House. Opening remarks of the second day will be delivered by the President Ts.Elbegdorj.

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18:57 2016-03-31

After Plenary session was concluded, Parliament Speaker Z.Enkhbold came to the stage to deliver closing remarks. But an unexpected event took place when MEF 2016 Forum attendee threw wrapped socks at the speaker. Security service escorted the participant out and Parliament Speaker said "How did a sick man like this get in here. Must be because of the upcoming election. There are many sick people like him" and continued his closing marks.

18:56 2016-03-31

Plenary session on Sustainable Development Policy 2030, moderated by Mr. Badamdash.D, Exexcutive director of Eagle News Agency commences at Grand Hall of State House. 


  • ​Beate Trankman, UNDP Resident Representative, UNs Resident Coordinator, 
  • Mr. Garamgaibaatar, MP
  • Mr. Byambatsogt.S. MP and Head of Minority Caucus at Parliament 
  • Mr. Oyunbaatar.Ts, MP and Deputy PM
  • Mr. Demberel.S, MP 
  • Mr. Battsereg.N, MP and Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism 


  • The importance of "Long Term Development Policy Concept of Mongolia-2030", passed by the Parliament, and challenges in its implementation and further steps 

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 was approved last year at United Nations General Assembly meeting and Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj signed official document. 

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17:36 2016-03-31

Break out session on Project Financing, moderated by Mr. Otgochuluu.Ch, senior economist, Erdenes Mongol LLC, commences. 


  • Mr. Javhlanbaatar.S, Chairman, Investment Mongolia Agency 
  • Mr. Enhbold.N, executive director, Newcom LLC
  • Mr. Matthew Bersani, partner, Sherming Sterling and Asia Firm 
  • Mr. Matthieu Le Blan, resident representative, European reconstruction and development bank
  • Mr. Tuyen D.Nguyen, resident representative, IFC
  • Mr. Zia Azeez, vice president, project financing, Sumimoto Mitsui Banking Corporation 


  • Facing Challenges 
  • Project Financing Legal Regulation
  • Solutions

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14:46 2016-03-31

Break out session on Innovation-Business Opportunity commences. Ch.Lodoiravsal, chair of Tsahim urtuu NGO and member of EMOS club, moderates the session. 


  • Mr. Bathuyag.D, Director, Technology transfer and innovation center, Mongolian university of science and technology 
  • Mr. Khashbayar.D, Director, technology transfer and innovation business development center
  • Ph.D. Batzaya.B, postdoctoral research fellow in Harvard Medical School, Harvard - MIT Health Science and Technology
  • Mr. Chimed.G, PhD in chemistry % Dr. Eng.
  • S.Erdenebat, CEO, Startup Mongolia 
  • Mr. Myagmarnaran.B, director of training committee of JCI progress chapter 


  • Supporting start-up businesses
  • Access to the Global market 

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13:15 2016-03-31

Break out session on Women`s Leadership, moderated by Ms. Bolormaa.L, Executive director, Golomt financial group, starts. 


  • U.Azjargal, Senior banker, Manufacturing & services 
  • Mrs. Undraa.A, Women corporate directors, founder, chairman of BoD
  • Ariuna Suri, designer
  • Mrs. Onchinsuren.D, Deloitte Och LLC, director
  • Mr. Ganzorig.B, Shunhlai group LLC, director of strategic planning 


  • Gender equality - Productivity
  • Female participation at decision-making level

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12:32 2016-03-31

Break out session on Safe food-sustainable business, moderated by Mrs. Narantuya.J, lawyer, starts.


  • Mr. Enhbileg.G, Head of Operation, Talh Chiher
  • Mr. Ariunbold.S, Director, Royal Resource LLC
  • Mr. Bazar-Uugan.N, Executive Director, Talh Chiher
  • Mr. Battugs.J, Director, Nuudelchin Agro Farm 
  • Mr.Tsogtgerel.O, Founder, Director, TESO Corporation 


  • Short and long term solutions to increase export
  • Challenges in exporting qualified goods
  • Challenges that need to be resolved ​ 

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12:12 2016-03-31

Plenary session on Business Environment, moderated by the Mr. Jargalsaihan, De Facto, economist, starts. 


  • D.Ganhuyag, CEO, Clean Energy Asia LLC 
  • Mrs. Munhnasan.N, Chief Executive of Monpolyment group 
  • Mr. Gan-Ochir.Z, General Director, Blue sky minerals
  • Mr. Khaliunbat.Kh, Director, Mongol ID LLC 


  • Government - Support Economic Growth 
  • Business - Investment 

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11:00 2016-03-31

Right now the honorary guest of the second day of the MEF 2016, Dr. Daniel Kaufmann, President of the Natural Resource Governance Institute, is delivering speech. He is a member of the World Economic Forum and full member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative international board. 

I would like to thank President Ts.Elbegdorj and other government officials here. Mongolia is beautiful country and I am already in love with it. I will make my speech brief but transparent. Mongolia has enormous potential.

But needs the following changes:

  1. Political and Institutional dimensions of governance
  2. Political and civil liberties, free press
  3. Transparency reforms
  4. Addressing major challenges in economic governance
  5. Macroeconomic & debt management
  6. Realism on mining prices & policies of Future Heritage Fund
  7. Reality of global mining foreign investments 8. Seizing the moment

He further noted that Mongolia implemented significant works to ensure human rights and press freedom. Also Mongolia will earn good score due to they do not have violence and terrorism. I see advance in corruption control. However, Mongolia still need to do more against corruption.

10:10 2016-03-31

We deliver you the main contents of speech delivered by the President Ts.Elbegdorj:

"Thank you everyone. MEF is really important event in Mongolia. This year's event is even more special because we have parliament election. In 90 days the election result will be released and new government will formed. Next I would like to discuss few things that concern me a lot.

First, the lives of Mongolian people is not good as statistics say. People are providing their family on day to day loans.

Second, we made bad decisions in the past. I have said this six or seven years ago. Mega projects will crucial role in Mongolian economy. We had high raw material prices but we lost our huge opportunity. I will be frank here - Mongolia needs money in all sectors to build developments and move forward with our mega projects. In general, I believe economy decline is political problem. We need strong moral, discipline and responsibility in parliament. We need to change the current system in our political party idea. Regarding election and politics, Mongolian people are not naive as before. They are watching carefully because the whole country is in bad shape. Therefore the political parties, candidates must make big decisions and ensure they fullfil their commitment and promises.

We must discuss responsibility in all of our work and question our moral. Let us do what we do best, businessman do their business and economists focus on improving economy and politicians make better laws to develop the Nation. Do not get things mixed. Parliament and politic is no money machine. So dont rush. I will say again, we must do all of our best and be responsible for our actions and attract foreign investors once again to bring money. I believe we are on the right path. Goodluck."

09:33 2016-03-31

Dr. Daniel Kaufmann, President of the Natural Resource Governance Institute, formerly the Revenue Watch Institue, will deliver the keynote speech on Global challenges and implications for domestic natural resource governance.

Z.Enhbold, Speaker of the Parliament is to provide closing remarks at 7pm. 

Today following sessions will be held:

  • Business environment
  • Safe food-sustainable business 
  • Innovation-business opportunity 
  • Commercial law development of Mongolia 
  • The importance of introducing national health insurance system in Mongolia 
  • Project financing 
  • Financial market 
  • Women`s leadership 
  • Construction and real estate 
  • Intellectual assets of Mongolia 
  • Long term development policy of Mongolia 

GoGo Mongolia will bring you live coverage from State Palace for the full duration of this event. Stay tuned with us. 

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