Tsagaan Sar budget per household


2015-01-30 09:30 GMT+8

Mongolian Tsagaan Sar /Lunar New Year/ is fast approaching and there are left few weeks before the festivities.

Mongolians have tradition to great the new year with big feast table symbolizing prosperity and success in the coming year. But this tradition is hitting hard financially and for the most households burdens their pockets much.

Here we tried to calculate the Tsagaan Sar expenditure of a household with the average income.

Grandpa Dorj and Grandma Dulmaa have 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 3 grand-grandchildren. Every year their children and relatives visit them during the Tsagaan Sar celebrations and it counts to over 120 guests. 

Uuts /lamb loin/.
Eldest son bought the uuts at Khuchit Shonkhor market worth MNT 250,000 for his parents and also paid additional MNT 35,000 for its boiling.


Cookie set plate.
Cookies are MNT 2200 per piece and the plate needs 15 peice, with round cookie as a bonus. The total cost for the cookie set plate including cookies, candies and aaruul /dried curds/ come up to MNT 55,000.


Buuz /dumplings/. Every year Grandpa Dorj prepares about 1200 pieces of buuz, using 20 kg of  beef MNT 7200 per kilogram, which totals to MNT 144,000 for the meat alone. He also uses 15 kg of flour MNT 1400 per kilogram, totalling to MNT 21,000. Adding to the amount the costs for inions and lamb tail the total cost for the buuz comes up to MNT 170,000.

Appetizers. The feast table is usually accompanied with the appetizers, usuals are salad plates. MNT 1500 for 1kg potatoes, MNT 1500 for 1 kg onions, salami for MNT 11,000, MNT 4500 for 1kg  cucumbers and eggs are MNT 350 per piece. Also the salad needs cabbage, carrots, peas and mayonaise totalling the cost for the appetizers to MNT 80,000

Aaruul /dried curds/ and dairy products.
Musts at the Tsagaan Sar table are aaruul and dairy products. Aaruul per kilogram is at MNT 10,000 and a must clotted cream per kilogram is at MNT 10,000 and white heavy cream for MNT 4000 totalling the amount to MNT 24,000.

Airag and alcohol beverages.
Airag is at MNT 2500 per liter. Additional must haves are alcoholic beverages. We calculated the cost for alcoholic beverages at MNT 17,000 per bottle totalling to MNT 85,000 for five bottles. Total expenditure for the drinking part comes up to MNT 110,000.

Gifts. Grandpa Dorj and Grandma Dulmaa decided to support the domestic manufacture this year for the gifts for Tsagaan Sar. They have chosen socks, veils and felt slippers for gift for adults and for kids they have prepared chocolates, candies and toys to be accompanied with some cash. This totals the gifts budget to MNT 600,000.  


Additional minor costs are associated with drinks for children such as juices, fruits and candies. The above costs total to MNT 1.324.000 on average.

The number is not universal for all the households naitonwide and it may differ per household. We tried to calculate the average spending for the household with average income.

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