Photo Report: FOC 2015 finished


2015-05-05 17:10 GMT+8

FOC 2015 was hosted in Ulaanbaatar city for two days and it was finished today.

Participants of over 60 countries have participated in the international event including the representatives of state and private sectors such as Google, Mozilla and Twitter leaders in social media, moreover over total of 300 participants from the the international organizations, NGOs and research institutions such as UNICEF and UNESCO, Asia Foundation, Amnesty International, Digital Partners Global and Human Rights Watch have arrived in Ulaanbaatar city to participate in the conference.

Five years aback in December 2011, in the Hague, as initiated by Mr. Uri Rosenthal, Foreign Minister of the Netherland, gathered representatives from 15 countries and discussed the governmental responsibilities and duties on the security of online freedom and  formed up the “Freedom Online Coalition (FOC)”, which grows to a significant international movement today.

GoGo News Agency has reported live from FOC 2015  and if you want to read news in English, please click here and in Mongolia, click here


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