30 days, 1 bicycle, USD 5 per day

Editor S.Odbayar

2015-07-21 10:38 GMT+8
Marie Christine in Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Square

Marie Christine is 22 years old girl from Canada and is planning to do travel in Mongolia on bicycle for 30 days.

Recent posts on Facebook has been asking for help to gather some items needed for a girl from Canada planning to do a bicycle travel in Mongolia. It seemed interesting how young female braved to do a lone trip through Mongolia without knowing the local language. Her story began  when she was a student with major in Geography and passion to travel the world.

She has walked her way from Beijing to Erlian and from there took train to Ulaanbaatar, as she doesn't want to waste her visa free days in Mongolia, which is 30 days of stay for a citizen of Canada.

She hasn't decided yet on the route and where to start her journey and described herself as crazy. Yet I'd like to say she is very brave to go on a lone trip with budget of only USD 5 per day and not knowing the Mongolian. Mongolians have donated bicycle for her trip and some have offered stay at their home and are helping around the city.

We have agreed to meet with her after the trip, as she plans to document her journey in photos and definitely she will have more to say. Below is the brief interview with Marie Christine.

May her trip be interesting and worthy of all her efforts.

Photo/Video: D.Javkhlantugs

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