Prices for the potato increased by 21% in last three weeks

2015-08-13 18:10 GMT+8

By the end of July and in early August of each year, prices for potato and vegetables are increase in accordance with the the sales of new crop vegetables.

As a result of the continuous precipitation and cold weather in May and June, spring planting started lately. Moreover, the overheating in June and July affected to the maturity of vegetables especially potatoes. In other words, price growth of open field vegetables and greenhouse vegetables are varied.

For instance, an average prices for the potato were increased by 21 percent in past three weeks. Prices for new crop potato were risen by 60 percent compared with the previous month and is ranging between MNT 1800-2000. However, prices for new crop were at MNT 1300 in last year.

Due to overheating have not affected the maturity of tomato and cucumber, the prices were dropped compared with the previous month.

Preliminary, 60-65 percent of the total area of agriculture is expected to be harvested.

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